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  • There are many different types of axes available, fire axes, outdoor camping axes, wooden handle axes, plastic axes and many more.
  • Available in a variety of different sizes, it can be used for any occasion.
  • Support OEM/ODM services such as customized drawings and printed logos.
  • The ax is made of high-quality steel with special surface treatment for durability.

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Outdoor Camping Axe - foxwoll

Outdoor Camping Axe

Wood Handle Axe

Plastic Handle Axe

Fire Axe - foxwoll

Fire Axe


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Foxwoll is a professional manufacturer of tools in China. Ax is one of our hot selling products. Our axes are exported to dozens of countries overseas, and we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of axes. Our axes are rich in categories, complete in size, and strong in function, which can be applied to various working scenarios. If you are interested in our axes, please contact Foxwoll today.

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Foxwoll supports drawing customization, and our factory can open molds for production according to the drawings, provided that a certain production volume is reached. Our product customization has a wide range of dimensions, from blade shape, handle material, size, logo printing, color, etc., we can customize it for you. If you have customized requirements, please send the requirements to our email, and a professional staff will contact you.

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Socket workshop -foxwoll
Socket warehouse -foxwoll
material warehouse -foxwoll
cutting -foxwoll
CNC machine room -foxwoll
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● Free samples could be provided to help you understand and feel the real products before mass purchase.
● Our quality control team ensure the product’s quality, quality of raw material– manufacturing– packaging– logistic is managed by the team.
● 16 years’ experience in tool manufacturing and supply, we have good cooperation with 50+ suppliers; 2000㎡+ warehousing center supports on-time delivery.
● FOXWOLL R&D team focuses on market demand and trends, 100+ new products are launched every year.

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