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Bulk Caulking Gun

  • Dispense a variety of materials reliably with a rugged all-steel drive and lightweight aluminum barrel.
  • It can meet the needs of various professionals for glue guns.
  • The applicator gun smoothes the pressure rod, reducing the force required.
  • A full-scale product that can be used in a variety of industries.

One-stop Bulk Caulking Gun Wholesale Platform

The professional choice for durable, high-volume bulk caulk. We offer a wide range of professional glue guns. Loaded caulk gun, cordless bulk caulk gun, bulk sealant gun. Choose according to your needs. In addition to providing premium caulk guns, FOXWOLL also provides other quality hand tools such as screwdriver sets, socket sets, sandpaper, etc., please check our product category catalog.

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Why Choose FOXWOLL as Your Wholesaler?

At FOXWOLL wholesale bulk caulking gun, you can also get the following benefits:

Free Sample

A free sample could be provided to help you understand and feel the real products before mass purchase.

Own Factory

Our main products are made by our own factory, quality and cost are well controlled.

Quality Control

Our quality control team ensures the product's quality, and quality of raw material-- manufacturing-- packaging-- logistics are managed by the team.

Strong Supply Chain

16 years experience in tool manufacturing and supply, we have good cooperation with 50+ suppliers; 2000㎡+ warehousing center supports on-time delivery.

R&D Capability

FOXWOLL R&D team focuses on market demand and trends, 100+ new products are launched every year.

Get Caulking Gun in Bulk Step-by-step


Custom caulking gun

If you need customized service, we can design corresponding samples according to your needs for confirmation


Introduce new molds and make samples

After the design samples are confirmed, we will prepare the molds and make custom sandpaper samples. After the sample is confirmed, we will move to the next stage


Order finished caulking gun

At present, the product catalogs we upload are all finished products, you can choose samples according to your own preferences, and then we will enter the next stage


Fast production

After all the previous work is completed, we enter the production stage. As it is our own factory, we can control the production speed and quality, and guarantee on-time delivery within the cooperation period


Logistics and transportation

You can choose a variety of transportation methods by sea, land, and air. 200+ logistics and transportation partners can also directly deliver the goods to your designated warehouse so that you have no worries

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Browse All Foxwoll Tools And Hardware Products​

Bulk Caulking Gun For Sale

Wholesale caulking guns at FOXWOLL, we also offer professional packaging and label designs. Aim to keep your product visually aligned with your brand.

FOXWOLL has a professional design team that can provide you with advanced product design. Our glue guns are compact, lightweight, drip-free, and have a good feel and effect.

During the manufacturing process, materials are definitely one of the focuses of FOXWOLL and we always make sure that the materials we use are of high quality. High-quality materials can ensure that the product has good quality.

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