Custom Hose Clamps

Complete specifications and various models can be customized to meet your operational needs.

Complete sizes, customized products of different sizes for different application fields.

The width and thickness meet the export requirements, with high wear resistance, quality assurance, and long service life.

304, 316, and other steel materials are preferred, which have good mechanical properties such as embroidery resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature, and mildness.

Choose the Custom Hose Clamp Sample You Need

We provide many different types and specifications of hose clamp samples and stock for your reference. Choose the appropriate hose clamp for custom products based on your business and brand needs. Besides hose clamps, we also provide sandpaper, caulking gun, and toolsets.

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Customize Your Ideal Radiator Hose Clamp at FOXWOLL

As a professional hose clamp production and research and development expert, we develop dozens of different styles of hose clamps every year, and we also provide customers with professional hose clamp customization services.


We manufacture hose clamps of many different functions and types. There are T-bolt clamps, worm hose clamps, heavy-duty hose clamps, ear clamps, spring hose clamps, wire hose clamps, quick-release hose clamps, and other hose clamps, etc. Each hose clamp is different in terms of characteristics and so on, and the corresponding application fields are also different. You can choose customized hose clamps according to your actual application.

Diameter shrinkage range

Since our hose clamps can be applied in a wide range of fields, different usage scenarios have different requirements on the diameter shrinkage range of the hose clamps. Therefore, our diameter shrinkage range can be customized and produced according to your usage scenarios, ranging from as small as a dozen mm to hundreds of mm. Come and tell us your actual application needs, and our professional R&D team will provide corresponding solutions.


Common hose clamps on the market are made of stainless steel, but stainless steel is also divided into many different types of stainless steel, including excellent 304, 316, and other stainless steel, as well as metal, steel, and carbon steel, and other materials. There are slight deviations in the quality and cost of hoses made of different materials. You can choose the corresponding raw materials according to your needs.


We have a professional design and development team, that has been committed to producing more practical hose clamp products, and we have provided personalized solutions for many households. Especially in the design of the buckle. If you are interested in our custom hose clamps, please send us your request today.

Logos and Labels

Consider the brand visuals and brand identity of each brand. We provide logo and label OEM services for all customers, ensuring that each product has a clear brand identity. Of course, if you do not have ready-made brand logos and labels, our professional design team can design logos and labels that meet your needs.

Why Choose FOXWOLL Custom Hose Clamps?

Perfect Service

We provide you with a full range of services. Our services span the entire trading cycle. We have professional sales staff to provide you with one-on-one solutions. If you have any questions, you can always contact our professionals

Rich experience

We are a professional hose clamp manufacturer. We have more than ten years of experience in production. At the same time, we also have certain experience and achievements in customization and research, and development. Customer recognition and appreciation are the highest recognition for us.

Competitive price

Price is our main competitiveness and we are committed to providing our customers with great value for money. While ensuring product quality, can greatly reduce the budget for customers. We have a dedicated person to report your budget online 24 hours a day.

Efficient team

You can always trust the folks at FOXWOLL. More than ten years of development have enabled us to establish a professional, dedicated, efficient, and collaborative team. They always put the needs of customers in the first place, keep in mind the service mission, and always provide you with the fastest and most efficient service.

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