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Hose Clamp Bulk

  • Ideal for repairing pipes or piping systems, hose clamps feature a turbine construction for flexible adjustment.
  • Wide range of applications for a range of automotive, industrial, plumbing, or domestic applications.
  • ½” worm gear or worm drive hose clamps designed for different diameter hoses.
  • Made of high-tech and high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed.

One-Stop Hose Clamp Bulk Platform

We have a wide variety of hose clamps. bulk worm gear hose clamps. You can choose the corresponding product according to your needs.

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Why Choose Wholesale Hose Clamps at FOXWOLL?

At FOXWOLL Wholesale Hose Clamps, you also get benefits and guarantees:

Super inventory capacity

We have a super large warehouse that can store tens of thousands of stocks, so you don't have to worry about delivery issues, we have absolute advantages and confidence in inventory. We can deliver the product to you on time within the contract period.

Fast service

As a professional wholesaler engaged in bulk hose clamps, we always put our customers in the most important position, our 24-hour specialists provide you with one-to-one service online and provide you with solutions in a timely manner.

Competitive price

Price is a strong cornerstone of our business development. We are a source manufacturer from China, we have been providing our customers with the best quality products at the most suitable prices.

Comprehensive support

We have a dedicated team of experts who can provide you with full support and help you with a detailed hose clamp solution just a phone call away. Come and contact us.


Every customer is very important to us, so our bulk hose clamp have flexible MOQs to suit large and small orders.you can contact us for details

Get Hose Clamps In Batches Step By Step



Customized hose clamps

If you need customized service, we can design corresponding samples according to your needs for confirmation


Introduce new molds and make samples

After the design sample is confirmed, we will prepare the mold and make the customized hose clamp sample. After the sample is confirmed, we will move to the next stage


Order finished hose clamps

At present, the product catalogs we upload are all finished products, you can choose samples according to your own preferences, and then we will enter the next stage


Fast production

After all the previous work is completed, we enter the production stage. As it is our own factory, we can control the production speed and quality, and guarantee on-time delivery within the cooperation period


Logistics and transportation

You can choose a variety of transportation methods by sea, land, and air. 200+ logistics and transportation partners can also directly deliver the goods to your designated warehouse so that you have no worries

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Hose Clamp Wholesale

Before formal cooperation, we encourage you to ask us for free samples. We provide free samples so that you can better check the product quality. We believe that the sample quality will make you satisfied.

Our goal is to help customers provide more cost-effective products, so as to obtain greater profit margins. We pursue long-term and strong cooperation, so all products we supply to you are strictly inspected.

FOXWOLL has a professional design team that can help you design products and outer packaging labels, etc. We are confident to provide the best creative assistance and design for your product, helping your hose clamps get a high level of attention as soon as they hit the market.

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