All-steel Anti-static Machine Room Rised Floor

【High quality】The bottom suction cup is made of durable, high-strength natural rubber. The soft rubber pad is gentle on surfaces and won’t scratch the paint.
【Unique design】Suction cup lifter is ergonomically designed and has the convenience of single stroke pump operation.
【Easy to use】Glass suction cup is the ideal tool for moving flat objects in any home garage or professional body shop! Just put the glass suction cup lifter on a smooth object surface and pull the handle up, so easily move glass, tiles, smooth objects.

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All-steel Anti-static Machine Room Rised Floor
Product Information Rised Floor
Material SPCC Steel
Veneer Material HPL
Individual weight 13kg
Size 600 x 600 x 35mm
Logo etching available
Surface treatment Nickel-chromium plated
Package Bulk packing, blister packing, plastic box packing or customized
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