Glass Suction Cup Press Buckle Accessories Plastic Press Buckle Aluminum Alloy Press Buckle

1. Apply to a variety of styles: special single-jaw suction cup, two-jaw glass suction cup, three-jaw glass suction cup;
2. Close fit: thickened wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, close fit between the pressure button and the disk body, no loosening;
3. Easy to replace easy to operate, do-it-yourself can change.

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Glass suction cup press buckle accessories plastic press buckle aluminum alloy press buckle
Product Information Suction Cup Accessories
Material ABS/Aluminum Alloy
Color Black/Silver
Suckers Dimensions 75mm/80mm
Logo etching available
Surface treatment Nickel-chromium plated
Package Bulk packing, blister packing, plastic box packing or customized
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