Outdoor Survival Multifunction Folding Claw Hammer

1. Excellent Handle: The ergonomic wooden handle not only provides a comfortable grip, but also makes this multi-tool hammer easy to use and adds a touch of rustic elegance.
2. Functionality redefined: Equipped with a screwdriver, scissors, a can opener and a hammer, our multifunctional tool increases your efficiency and reduces clutter.
3. Durable and Reliable: Made of hardened stainless steel and durable wood, our multi-tool hammer is a jack-of-all-trades that completes various tasks with ease.
4. Easy to Carry: With its compact size, you can easily put this multi-tool hammer in your bag, backpack or tool box and carry it anywhere you go without any hassle.

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Outdoor Survival Multifunction Folding Claw Hammer Stainless Steel Claw Hammer
Product Information Claw Hammer
Material Carbon Steel
Handle Material Wood
Color Wood
Dimensions 203mm
Logo etching available
Package Bulk packing, blister packing, plastic box packing or customized
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