Sledge Hammer Fiberglass Handle

1.The rubber mallet features an 800 mm long fibreglass handle with rubberised grip surface
2.The energy-absorbing filling of this hammer ensures that it is as gentle on the joints as possible
3.Possible areas of application of this mitten are e.g. paving or floor laying work, driving in (fence) posts and much more.
4.The large plastic hammer is ideal for working in garden/landscaping, road construction, on the construction site, in the workshop or similar.

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Sledge Hammer Fiberglass Handle Non-Rebound Soft Hammer Rubber Hammer
Product Information Rubber Head Mallet
Material Rubber
Handle Material Fiberglass
Color Black
Dimensions customized
Logo etching available
Package Bulk packing, blister packing, plastic box packing or customized
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