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Our main products include raised access floors, accessories and tools such as floor lifters.

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Will Your Next Project Include Raised Access Floor Systems?

FOXWOLL has been providing this service for many years. We provide a wide range of products for raised floor systems. The products we provide include raised access floors and all other accessories, committed to creating a one-stop service for you. Select your preferred sample below and we’ll send it to you.

Perforated Floor Lifter

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Blue

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Blue

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Grey

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Grey

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Red

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Red

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Yellow

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool Yellow

Raised Access Floor

All-steel anti-static rised floor

All-Steel Anti-Static Raised Floor

All-steel network rised floor

All-Steel Network Raised Floor

Perforated Raised Access Floor Tile

Perforated Raised Access Floor Tile

Wood grain all-steel rised floor

Wood Grain All-Steel Raised Floor

Suction Lifter

Vacuum Pump Suction Cup

Vacuum Pump Suction Lifter

Suction Cups For Porcelain Tile

Suction Lifter For Porcelain Tile

Single Cup Suction Cup

Single Cup Suction Lifter

Glass Lifting Suction Cups

Glass Lifting Suction Lifter

Glass Lifter Aluminum Suction Cup

Glass Lifter Aluminum Suction Lifter

Four-jaw Aluminum Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cup

Four-jaw Aluminum Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Lifter

Aluminum Alloy Single Claw Glass Suction Cup

Aluminum Alloy Single Claw Glass Suction Lifter

8 Inch Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Cup

8 Inch Heavy Duty Vacuum Suction Lifter

Panel Lifter Accessories

8Inch Vacuum Air Pump Suction Cup Handle

Vacuum Air Pump Panel Lifter Handle

Nitrile Rubber Vacuum Suction Cups

Nitrile Rubber Vacuum Suction Cups

Suction Cup Plastic Aluminum Pressure Buckle

Panel Lifter Plastic Aluminum Pressure Buckle

Thickened rubber glass suction cup pad

Thickened Rubber Glass Suction Cup Pad

Floor Pedestals

Adjustable Rised Floor Pedestals

Adjustable Raised Floor Pedestals

Anti-Static Floor Pedestals

Anti-Static Floor Pedestals

Raised Floor Pedestals

Raised Floor Pedestals

Rised Floor Aluminum Pedestals

Raised Floor Aluminum Pedestals

Raised Access Flooring Supplier - Your Best Choice

FOXWOLL has been deeply involved in development and research in this field for many years and provides related accessories and services to many well-known brands around the world. Who better than us?
Cooperating with FOXWOLL, you will gain the following advantages:
1. Source manufacturer, powerful factory. There are 20 production lines, more than 30 production equipment, and a daily output of more than 4,000 sets;
2. A wide range of products, covering everything from the floor itself to the tools required for installation, all available through one-stop purchasing;
3. Sufficient inventory. Sufficient stock, supporting spot wholesale and fast delivery;
4. Quality assurance, materials have been rigorously tested, and tools are easy to use and durable, allowing customers to install and maintain their flooring systems with confidence;
5. Customized services, professional manufacturers, and rich industry experience, to provide you with first-class services;
Whether you’re planning a new or upgraded raised floor system, we have the materials, tools, and tools you need to create a strong, efficient, and safe raised floor system.

Top Quality Raised Access Floor Systems

Raised Access Floor

FOXWOLL provides a variety of raised floors with different materials and functions. Raised flooring and perforated flooring are two of the most versatile types of flooring. Perforated tiles in a raised floor system increase airflow in specific areas to ensure hot and cold spots are minimized. FOXWOLL can customize perforated floors with different airflows for you. Raised floors are generally used in various large data centers, electrical control rooms, etc. Its main function is to facilitate wiring and can protect against electricity.
They are generally uniform in size, usually 600mm x 600mm. At FOXWOLL, we provide you with the most complete raised floor systems.

foxwoll raised floor

Suction Lifter

We offer a wide range of accessories for high-priced raised floor systems, with suction lifters being one of the most common accessories. We have a variety of different styles, specifications, colors, single and double suction lifters, and combined suction lifters, striving to meet the needs of different places and customers.

The application of suction lifters can make the installation and removal of the raised floor more quickly and efficiently, greatly saving manpower and achieving the effect of easily lifting the floor. In addition, we can customize the length of the suction lifter lifting rod for you, so you can easily lift the floor while standing.

Floor Pedestals

Raised access floor pedestals are elevated support structures designed for equipment weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds, bringing huge benefits to both the raised floor installation and the safety performance of the raised floor support structure. FOXWOLL provides a variety of raised access floor pedestals in different materials and specifications. Our products are 100% adjustable, reusable and require no welding, drilling or special tools. Infinite adjustability and reusability make raised floor pedestals the ideal choice for raised floor support systems.     

Perforated Floor Lifter Tool

A perforated tile puller is a must-have for computer rooms with perforated floor tiles because it is designed to meet these specific needs. Standard floor pullers cannot lift perforated floor tiles because the air cannot be captured for suction. This tool allows extraction of tiles with a simple hook and pull. Made from a single piece of reinforced steel and equipped with a cushioned-grip T-handle, the puller easily hooks and lifts to fit any style of wall bracket. Just as important, the T-handle hangs from any wall bracket that holds the suction cup lift, so it’s easily accessible when you need it.

Application scenarios

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What Our Clients Are Saying


November 5, 2023

“The raised floor system provided by this company truly revolutionized our office space! Not only does it offer excellent cable management, but it also enhances air circulation, creating a more comfortable environment for our employees. Installation was swift, and the final result exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!”


August 20, 2023

“We opted for a raised floor for our data center, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision. It offers unparalleled flexibility for our ever-evolving IT infrastructure. The ease of access for maintenance and the added cooling efficiency have significantly improved our operational efficiency. Kudos to the team for their professionalism and expertise!”


March 17, 2023

“Investing in raised flooring for our retail space was a game-changer. It not only provided a sleek and modern aesthetic but also allowed for seamless integration of utilities underneath. Our customers appreciate the tidy appearance, and our staff finds it incredibly convenient for managing electrical and networking systems. It’s a win-win solution for both functionality and appearance.”

Wholesale Raised Access Floor System Materials and Tools from FOXWOLL

FOXWOLL offers a comprehensive range of wholesale raised floor system materials and tools that are designed to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial project. Whether you’re looking for high-quality raised floor panels, pedestals, or accessories, FOXWOLL has got you covered. Our products are made from durable and reliable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and stability. With their innovative designs and precision engineering, FOXWOLL’s raised floor system materials are easy to install and maintain, saving you time and money on your construction projects. So if you need top-notch wholesale raised floor system materials and tools, look no further than FOXWOLL for all your flooring needs.


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