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As premium screwdriver set supplier, FOXWOLL has many original hotsale screwdriver sets for your choice.

You could build your own screwdriver set with different types of screwdrivers.

FOXWOLL's screwdriver sets, some contain small hand tools, for wider application.

With 16 years' OEM/ODM, FOXWOLL continues to provide you with products that meet market needs.

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Includes different conventional screwdrivers and precision screwdrivers and screwdriver bits. Including slotted, phillips, torx, hex, etc.

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As Your Pro Screwdriver Set Supplier, FOXWOLL Manufactures A Range Of Screwdriver Set That Can Be Customized To Your Company’s Preferences To Meet Your OEM Needs


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custom screwdriver sets

To meet different use requriement, the screwdriver set is the best choice, especially for the different specifications of screws, a single screwdriver can not complete all tasks.
A set of screwdriver is usually composed of screwdriver with the same handle with different size of blade and heads. FOXWOLL has dozens different style of screwdriver sets for you to choose from.
Contact FOXWOLL to customize your screwdriver set.


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The design and material of packaging are the most direct image of a brand. Packaging not only plays a visual effect, but also plays a role in protecting products.
According to the quantity and specification of screwdriver, the screwdriver set has corresponding and appropriate packaging methods.
FOXWOLL  can provide your own screwdriver set packaging style according to your color and design requirements.


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custom screwdriver handle

There are various types of screwdriver handle, FOXWOLL has its own style handles, ergonomic design, attractive and durable.
2. Color.
The color of FOXWOLL screwdriver mainly is yellow, red and camo.
A special shape or color of handle is helpful for consumer to remember and recognize it easily. Contact FOXWOLL if you want to customize a new handle.


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custom screwdriver heads

1. Diameter and length.
The common length of screwdriver blade is 38mm~150mm, with different diameter and heads, to cover a variety of needs.
2. Material.
The material of screwdriver blade and head is very impotant, it should be strong enough to prevent deformation, CR-V steel is the common material. FOXWOLL could also provide S2 or stainless steel for your choice.
You could tell us your idea of customzie blade or heads, FOXWOLL will make it to come true.

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custom screwdriver set

The appearance of screwdriver set is mainly used to meet the needs of users to deal with different type of screws in each application. The screwdriver set contains screwdrivers  with a variety of specifications. It can also be matched with various small tools, such as Allen wrench, utility knife, test pen, socket set, etc. it can also be matched with screwdriver storage box, storage rack, etc., which is convenient for you to carry and store all kinds of screwdrivers and tools.
FOXWOLL has a wide range of screwdriver sets. You can also choose different screwdriver combinations, or add other hand tools to build a unique set.
When you want to customize a screwdriver set, FOXWOLL team will listen to your ideas and requirements, design and provide you with your own screwdriver set.

Customize Packaging

The packing of screwdriver set is usually based on the quantity of screwdriver and the items contained in the set. You can choose hanging paper card + plastic packaging, bagging, blow molded box, colored carton, aluminum box, etc. The choice of packaging should also consider the transportation cost, firmness, practicability and so on.
FOXWOLL can provide you suggestions on the best packaging scheme, and can also carry out packaging design and proofing according to your requirements.
If you want to customize a unique package for your screwdriver set, to reflect your brand style, you can tell us your idea, or provide photos or physical samples of the package for our reference. FOXWOLL designers will complete the design and give you confirmation according to your ideas.

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