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  • Versatility. It can be used to help with a range of tasks, from research to communication.
  • Handles of screwdrivers with different styles and with high-quality blades, durable and nice appearance.
  • Strong durability. Made of high-quality materials, it can still maintain a complete body in complex working environments.
  • Large capacity. Multi-layer partition design is adopted to maximize the use of space and accommodate more tools.

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Provide A Professional Tool Box For Your Hand Tools

FOXWOLL provides a variety of tool box storage solutions for your tools. Compared with the products on the market, our storage boxes have great advantages in material, size, and style. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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Your Best Quality Tool Box Supplier and Manufacturer in China

FOXWOLL is a comprehensive enterprise in China that focuses on the production and sales of hand tools and related products. We have a strong resource production chain and can provide you with the best quality toolbox products and services.
We have done OEM services for world-renowned hand tool brands. We always assure you of product quality as well as service.
If you are looking for the right toolbox partner, please consider FOXWOLL, we have discounted prices, especially for e-commerce.

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As your most trusted toolbox manufacturer and supplier in China. We have our own tool box factory, we can provide you with hundreds of different tool boxes. In addition, we also provide corresponding toolbox customization services. You can customize from the following dimensions, material, size, style, color, etc. At the same time, we can also produce samples according to your drawings.

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Socket workshop -foxwoll
Socket warehouse -foxwoll
Semi-finished socket -foxwoll
material warehouse -foxwoll
cutting -foxwoll
CNC machine room -foxwoll
Beatles semi-finished products -foxwoll
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● Industry Experience
16 years experience in tool manufacturing and sales, providing OEM/ODM, R&D, supply, and all-around service to customers over the world.

● Own Factory
Our main products are made by our own factory, quality, and cost are well controlled.

●Free Tool Sample
The free sample could be provided to help you understand and feel the real products before mass purchase.

●Logistics Service
We serve 200+ customers worldwide, delivery by sea, by air, by express, or by railway is available, also could arrange delivery to your warehouse directly.

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