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FOXWOLL helps wholesalers, brand owners and e-commerce sellers find the best hardware tool products.

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16 years, continuing…

As an international experienced hardware tools company, FOXWOLL has been successfully delivering consumers’ favorite hand tool products and toolbox for different brands for more than 10 years with rich professional knowledge and all-around service.

With excellent R&D and strong supply chain, FOXWOLL provides services to 200+ customers around the world as a global hardware tools manufacturer , and delivered 100+ new type tools, includes screwdriver, screwdriver sets, socket sets, hex key, laser level, tool organizer, combination tool sets, etc. which are popular in customers. Thanks to our plants, sales office and mature warehousing and logistics center in Huzhou city, China. Full of enthusiasm for our business, we continue to push the limits of our professional knowledge and provide high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions for many international brands.

Key metrics

R&D innovation and manufacturing in scale

1/3 of our products have become hot sales in e-commerce sites, this is the result of our full market research and excellent product quality control.


Years in hand tool manufacturing and sales


Warehousing center


New types raised each year


Products are hot sales on e-commerce sites


Existed types of tools


Export to 20+ countries

Mission & vision


Trusted tools & hardware supplier


Support global tools brands to enjoy made in china


Become a reliable hardware tool supply chain service corp

Top-grade Service

We provide all customers with excellent service, and it is the essential point of our strategic decision.

Outstanding Quality

Strictly control each produce process, any defective products are not allowed to be delivered.

Keep Innovating

Focus on market demand, support customer to optimize products, continuously launch valuable tools.

Passion in tools

Human progress began with the use of tools. Various hand tools are used in daily life, they make our life efficient and fun. 
We deliver practical hand tools to the world, whether you put it in your workshop or use it portable outdoors. 
It makes us more independent and confident!


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