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Our mission is to improve our customers' net income through hand tool wholesale services.

Make your hand tools stand out

1. You can request to customize a unique tool set;
2. Unique product packaging and product design;
3. Turn the tool into reality according to your ideas or drawings;
4. The R & D team continues to develop new products according to market demand.

Increase your profit margin

1. You can wholesale tools at a discount price; cheap and competitive price
2. Differentiated customized products, usually, you can set a higher price for them;
3. High-quality products bring more consumer praise, good reputation, and repurchase.

Support your trial sale of new products

1. Want to try to sell new products? We have a rich collection of best sellers for you to choose from.
2. You can order small quantities of products less than the normal MOQ as trial sales
3. You can enjoy the price of bulk hand tools for the small batch trial sale products you ordered
4. If you need samples before ordering, we will be happy to provide them.

Logistics support

1. Goods can be delivered to the designated warehouse;
2. You can give us all kinds of requirements and bar codes required for logistics and warehousing
3. Strong packaging is suitable for long-distance transportation also suitable for e-commerce sales. Compact packaging is very important in saving transportation and express costs.

Wide range of Wholesale hand tool products

1. You could buy hand tools products and combination sets in FOXWOLL's rich product range;
2. The tool storage products for your choice, expend your hand tool products range.
3. Rich industry experience and strong supply chain foundation can help you purchase and develop other products.

Guaranteed products supply

1. Fast order response;
2. Sufficient inventory;
3. Support prepare stock a certain quantity of customized products, so that they can be delivered as soon as you need.

More hand tools you need?

If we can't make it, we can source it.

We offer innovative brand and hand tool wholesale and design services, as well as custom tooling expertise, to bring a new type of quality hand tools to the market. Qualified customers are eligible for design services at no charge in exchange for new packaging business.

Requiring special hand tools with ease.

Our FOXWOLL hand tools supply chain starts with our own factory, which is committed, in close cooperation with local factories, to delivering in-spec and on-time shipments of hand tools wholesale solutions across all industries and markets. If you require special hand tools for your order, please contact our team for detailed information and recommended advice.

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