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Wholesale wrench

  • Wholesale wrenches of different styles, sizes, and functions are available.
  • 16 years of wrench production experience, providing one-stop solutions.
  • Competitive price, cost-effective products.
  • It is also made of high-strength forged and heat-treated carbon steel. After special processing, it has high hardness, large torque, and flexible operation.

One-stop Wrench Wholesale

We are professional tool wholesalers, providing high quality wrench products to help your products and business get more attention.

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Why Choose FOXWOLL's Bulk Screwdrivers​

At FOXWOLL wholesale gearwrench, you can get the following benefits and guarantees:

Own Factory​

We have our own wrench production factory, so we can assure you the production quality and delivery time of the products.

Quality Control

Our quality control team ensures the product's quality, and quality of raw material-- manufacturing-- packaging-- logistics are managed by the team.


Terms of payment: 100% by T/T as a deposit if the amount is less than USD5000. If more than USD5000, 30% as deposit, and the balance paid before delivery.

Logistics Service​

We serve 200+ customers worldwide, delivery by sea, by air, by express or by railway are available, also could arrange delivery to your warehouse directly.

Free tool Sample

A free sample could be provided to help you understand and feel the real products before mass purchase.

Get Wholesale Wrench Set Step-by-step



Customized Wrench (OEM/ODM)

We provide customized services, our design team will work with you to design the corresponding draft, after your confirmation, we will enter the next stage.


Introduce New Molds and Make Samples

After confirming the design, we will prepare the mold to make the custom wrench sample, after confirming the sample, we will proceed to the next stage.


Wholesale Finished Wrench

At this stage, we have dozens of different styles of finished wrenches, you can browse the product catalog on the website to confirm the sample. We will move to the next stage after the samples are confirmed.


Efficient Manufacturing

After the order is confirmed, the factory enters the production stage. Our own factory ensures our production speed and the screwdriver can be delivered on time


Logistics and transportation

Serving 200+ customers around the world, there are many options for sea and air transportation, and can be shipped directly to designated warehouses, so you don't have to worry

Browse All FOXWOLL Tools And Hardware Products

Browse All Foxwoll Tools And Hardware Products​

Wholesale Wrench In Bulk

All our wrenches are made of high-quality steel for durability and appearance. We can assure you that theirs are reliable and of high quality.

We offer all our customers wrenches at attractive prices. We are committed to helping more customers grow their businesses and create greater brand value. So we offer them products at a very cost-effective price.

Our wrenches come in many different designs, they have different functions, different materials, different styles, different sizes, etc. Especially 10mm wrench bulk. They can be used in a variety of jobs, and we can provide you with a wrench to meet any requirement.

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