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Hammer Wholesale

  • FOXWOLL provides you with a professional hammer wholesale service. There are various types and styles of hammers, which can be purchased at will.
  • Different models of hammers can be used in various industries and work areas, and can easily complete all work tasks.
  • High-quality cheap hammers in bulk can create greater profit space and commercial value for you.
  • 16 years of tool production experience, rich experience in export trade, able to handle any transaction issues.

One-stop Bulk Hammer Sale

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Why Choose To Buy Hammers In Bulk At FOXWOLL

The following services are available at FOXWOLL Wholesale Hammers:

Great Variety

1000+ stock styles for you to choose from, the categories include rubber hammer, ball hammer, claw hammer, sled hammer, rock hammer, wooden hammer, etc.

Free tool Sample

A free sample could be provided to help you understand and feel the real products before mass purchase.

Price Advantage

We have mass production, which is helpful to reduce the cost. In the hand tool industry industrial cluster area of China, we work with local suppliers efficiently.

Packaging Design

Our design team will help you to design a unique packaging for your tools and make them stand out.

Quality Control

Our quality control team ensures the product's quality, and quality of raw material-- manufacturing-- packaging-- logistic are managed by the team.

How To Get Hammer Wholesale Step By Step



Customized hammer (OEM/ODM)

If you don't find the hammer you are looking for in the catalog. Contact our specialists and put forward your needs, our design team will design and confirm according to your needs.


Introduce new molds and make samples

After confirming the design, we will prepare the mold to manufacture the sample of the custom hammer. After the samples are confirmed, we will start the next stage.


Order the finished hammer

We have dozens of hammers to choose from. You can browse our hammer catalog. After confirming the sample, we proceed to the next stage.


Efficient Manufacturing

After the order is confirmed, the factory enters the production stage. Our own factory can guarantee the delivery speed. We can assure you of on-time delivery within the contract period.


Logistics and transportation

We cooperate with 200+ logistics and transportation companies around the world, with a variety of options by sea, land, and air, and can also be shipped directly to designated warehouses, so that you have no worries.

Browse All FOXWOLL Tools And Hardware Products

Browse All Foxwoll Tools And Hardware Products​

Buy Hammers In Bulk

FOXWOLL has a professional design team to provide countless design solutions for hammers. But if you have your own ideas and designs, we will work hand in hand with you to turn your ideas into reality and produce better hammer products together.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality hammer products, we also provide corresponding logos, labels, outer packaging design and customization services. Great visuals can make your hammer stand out as soon as it hits the market, thereby enhancing your brand value.

FOXWOLL provides customers with perfect after-sales service, even after you receive our goods, we will continue to provide you with perfect service. We have professional staff to provide you with solutions one-on-one. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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