From high-torque heavy-duty screwdrivers for demanding applications to precision screwdrivers for precise control

FOXWOLL Multi-bit Screwdriver Manufacture

Quick and easy blade change between screwdriver handle and impact driver.

Durable, ergonomic non-slip grip for comfort.

Have many replaceable bits to meet different assembly and disassembly needs.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, suitable for axample, carpentry, computer repair, furniture assembly work, etc.

One-stop Shop for Your Multi-bit Screwdriver

Different combinations of screwdriver bits, different sizes and materials meet various work needs. We produce a variety of multi-head screwdrivers in different specifications and sizes every year to meet various needs of the market. In addition to multi-blade screwdrivers, we also provide hex keys, caulking guns, and hammers.

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Customize FOXWOLL Multi-bit Screwdriver Designed for Professionals

FOXWOLL offers many types of custom multi-bit screwdrivers, you can choose from the following ranges, or contact us for more information

Multi-Bit Screwdriver-shape-foxwoll


In addition to regular shapes, our multi-bit screwdrivers also provide shapes for special work needs, click to see more
- Small multi bit screwdriver
- Long multi bit screwdriver
- Pocket multi bit screwdriver
- Mini multi bit screwdriver

Multi-Bit Screwdriver-type-foxwoll


Different types of multi-bit screwdrivers are available for different work needs, you can choose according to specific applications
- Magnetic multi bit screwdriver
- Multi bit ratchet screwdriver
- Insulated multi bit screwdriver
- Multi bit precision screwdriver

Multi-Bit Screwdriver-material-foxwoll


Foxwoll provides you with multi bit screwdriver sets and multi bit screwdrivers of different materials to meet different work requirements
- Chrome vanadium multi bit screwdriver
- Diamond head multi bit screwdriver
- Plastic multi bit screwdriver
- Rubber multi bit screwdriver

Multi-Bit Screwdriver-bit size-foxwoll

Bit size

Different jobs require different sized screwdriver bits. Our multi bit screwdrivers are available in most socket sizes on the market and can be combined by yourself
- 1.2 mm screwdriver bits
- 0.8 mm screwdriver bits
- 1.6 mm screwdriver bits
- 1mm screwdriver bits
- 3.8 mm security bits
- 4mm screwdriver bits

FOXWOLL Multi-bit Screwdriver - The Best Tool Choice for a Variety of Applications

FOXWOLL multi bit screwdriver can replace blades, fast and easy switching, suitable for home, auto repair, outdoor and other workplaces, no need for extra screwdriver, one piece can solve most repair or manufacturing work problems. Our design catalog offers a variety of multi bit screwdriver colors, sizes, materials, and more. You can choose any of our stock designs or choose a custom design.

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