Caulking Gun Manufacturer

Can be used with all sealants and plastic boxes for a wide range of applications.

With a high-intensity thrust, it can easily and comfortably complete tasks even in cold environments for a long time.

Various styles and sizes are available to meet the needs of most people.

Robust and stable construction, the caulk gun features a high-quality steel construction that guarantees perfect maneuverability and long-term durability even under extreme conditions.

Choose Your Favorite Caulk Gun

We have an engineering team with more than 10 years of experience, carefully select and manufacture products that meet the operating comfort of end users, and cooperate with many world-renowned companies for OEM/ODM projects. We are able to offer bulk caulk guns in many different styles and styles. In addition to caulk guns, we also carry common tools such as sandpaper, pliers, hammer, and more.

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Caulk Gun Custom Solutions

In addition to providing products with standard specifications, we also provide customers with OEM/ODM customized services. We are committed to providing every customer with a caulk gun that reflects the brand’s personality. Our professional design and development team provides you with professional design solutions. We offer the following customization options:


The caulk gun can be made of various materials, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, nylon, etc. We choose the right material according to your business needs. Many caulk guns come in spliced materials such as aluminum alloy and nylon, etc. It all depends on your needs.


In addition to the regular black and silver, in terms of color, you can also choose the corresponding color as the main color of your product according to the brand vision. You just need to tell us the corresponding color number or color card, we accept all color customization.


We produce full size caulk guns, we can produce for you the size you need, we do our best to meet your size needs, you can have confidence in FOXWOLL.

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We are a professional manufacturer of bulk caulking gun. We can provide you with professional OEM/ODM service. We can provide you with professional logo and icon customization.

Why Choose FOXWOLL as Your Caulking Gun Manufacturer?

Quality Assurance

We are committed to ensuring the final quality of products through a strict quality control system so as to be able to meet customer needs. We have full confidence in our products.


We are real manufacturers. We fully understand the needs of customers, and we have a professional R&D and production team to provide you with professional advice and various options from time to time.


We have clients from all over the world, we cherish each of them and have built many great relationships. We are always happy to provide our service and troubleshooting.

On time delivery

With strong resource integration capabilities and warehousing capabilities, we can assure you that we can deliver the goods safely and completely to every customer on time.

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