Custom Promotional Screwdrivers

A wide variety to meet your every need - including different sizes, bits and styles to make your custom screwdrivers more useful as a giveaway.
Enhance your brand promotion level - Print your logo, text message or artwork, customize colors according to your brand theme
Competitive price and quality - own screwdrivers factory, so we can offer affordable price to our customers, the best choice to convey brand message at low cos.
Fast delivery time - we can control the production of screwdrivers by ourselves and are supported by a strong logistics chain, so that you can get the promotional screwdrivers at the fastest speed

Choose Our Custom Promotional Screwdrivers

Check out our wide range of styles to meet your every need – they come in different sizes, screwdriver bits and styles to choose from to make your custom tool even more useful as a giveaway.

What customization options are available for promotional pocket screwdrivers?


We have many series of good quality but cheap screwdrivers, each style has a large number of different colors in stock, and also can customize different colors according to your brand needs


Each of our screwdrivers can be printed with logo, text and graphics according to your branding needs, your customized business logo imprint design will create a variety of advertising impressions wherever these promotions are taken

Give your marketing a quick tune-up with promotional screwdrivers!
Trust logo printed screwdrivers to get the job done for your hands-on audience.

We can also provide...

Free design

If you plan to order a lot of stock, it might be worth investing in a unique promotional screwdriver design. Our R&D design team will advise on relevant design options and ensure the technical feasibility of the project.

Packaging customization

The visual effect of product packaging is the brand image. For private brands, unique packaging design and style can attract customers and establish brand image.

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Why Choose FOXWOLL's Personalized pocket Screwdrivers

Own factory

Our promotional screwdrivers are produced in our own factory, so we can control the delivery time and production cost to the greatest extent, and supply affordable personalized screwdrivers with the fastest turnaround time

Quality assurance

Our custom screwdrivers feature large stamped areas and are made with the highest quality materials. All of our promotional screwdrivers go through strict quality control procedures and each one is thoroughly inspected to ensure that each screwdriver is in good condition before we ship it to you.

Full range of services

We’ll take care of and guide you through your order from start to finish, and our experienced customer service agents are always ready to help with your logo printed or branded on our screwdrivers, ensuring you have a flawless experience.

Wide range of screwdrivers

We carry flat heads and phillips in a number of different sizes. Whether a pen size for your pocket, a key chain for portability or a large size for your toolbox, your company logo will look great displayed on the side of the screwdriver.

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Custom Promotional Screwdriver at FOXWOLL

As one of the leading screwdriver making companies in China, FOXWOLL can customize promotional pocket screwdrivers for our clients. Not only do we manufacture screwdriver products but we can also design, store, and ship them for you. So, if you are searching for a reliable Chinese screwdriver manufacturer, our company would be your best pick because we have the following advantages:

Customizable Shape & Size

FOXWOLL can manufacture a wide variety of promotional pocket screwdrivers in different shapes and sizes. We have a flexible screwdriver manufacturing facility that allows us to produce pocket screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers, slotted screwdrivers, etc.

Available in Various Colors

We can produce screwdrivers in different colors according to customer’s brand needs. We are one of the best promotional screwdriver suppliers in China. If you want a custom color for your screwdriver, we will be one of your best choices.

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